The Ark Refurbished Computers

Decommission - Dispose

The Ark provides core capability around the IT Asset lifecycle including but not limited to the above headings.

Hardware and Software replacement projects or "Roll Outs" can be a drain on a companies staffing and financial resources, even with the use of  temporary staff recruiting with the correct skills and experience can be time consuming and expensive. It is to that aim we provide "Decommission - Dispose" used either in part or as a complete solution we will work with you to ensure your "Roll Out" is as smooth as possible.


Deploy and Decommission

We provide the resources to take the complete installation and decommissioning process out of your hands.

We can provide onsite resources to:

  1. Install new equipment on the desk
  2. Remove the old equipment from users desk
  3. Track serial number and asset details inline with your companies requirements.
  4. Remove the equipment completely from the site


Check all the assets and provide reports on the details and condition of the assets

  1. Certify all data has been removed inline with your companies requirements.

These can be via:

    1. Physical destruction
    2. Software destruction - using industry accepted best practices


Once the assets have been processed we can redeploy the assets in a way that is preferred by the customer. This may be a purely agreed commercial arrangement or we may be able to help to support corporate community initiatives. This can include

  1. Donating to charities,
  2. Selling on behalf of the customer
  3. Purchasing from the customer
  4. Return to leasing companies or other third parties


Once again asset disposal is a core part of our business and we work with our equipment providers using a variety of methods that are suitable for the specific organisation.  The level and types of service depends on the reporting level required and any preferences by the customers on how they want the assets disposed of