The Ark Refurbished Computers

The Ark Hardware Services

Computers supplied by us are covered by The Ark Warranty (except when specified at time of sale).

If your computer is not covered by The Ark Warranty because it was not supplied by us, or is outside the terms of the warranty, then service will be at our discretion based on your requirements and availability of suitable resources.

Example of Services Available:

  • Hardware repairs and upgrades
  • Laptop repairs      
  • Spyware and/or virus removal 
  • General Problem Solving 
  • Adding additional components such as CD Burner, etc 
  • On Site Maintenance
  • Parts replacement* 
  • Business and Home Network Solutions

*subject to availability                                                              


Service work is charged per hour unless there is a fixed cost for the particular task.  If it is necessary to come on site then reasonable travel time will be charged at this rate as well.  A minimum rate will be charged regardless of actual time spent.