The Ark Refurbished Computers

How it works

We have many different corporate relationships with our donors depending on what they want to achieve. These range from us purchasing their equipment to receiving a pure anonymous donation by the donor organisation.
We also work with our donors to provide them recognition from the recipients, including being present at any handover ceremony if appropriate. We can also help facilitate any marketing opportunities, both internally within the corporation and externally where applicable. We can work with your own preferred recipients or we can take care of identifying a suitable beneficiary.
We can also manage staff purchases of equipment creating separation between the organisation and the staff for further hardware support.
Primarily, our donors are larger organisations with a quantity of computers. This ensures can we provide similar models to our customers, which is desired by most. Also, corporations tend to replace their equipment frequently allowing the specifications to be more suitable for our end-users.

What do we take?

Currently the computers need to be P4 2.4 or greater for desktops and PM1.6 and above for Laptops. We will take lower specifications but in many cases they will only be recycled as they tend to not have enough power for the application requirements. Please note, we only accept LCD screens as we do not reuse CRT screens any more.

Why use the Ark?

·         We separate obligations of donor organisations with end users, removing ongoing support
·         We delete all information and re install operating systems
·         We repair and refurbish the equipment making it fit for purpose
·         We provide a new warranty commitment with the equipment
·         We provide certificates of data destruction if required and can report back on asset details
·         We manage the requests  for donations

Other Ark Services:

·         Hardware repairs, down to component level
·         Imaging, Asset Tagging and Deployment services
·         Technology Recycling